September 10, 2009

Rob Maruster

Today I am in Washington DC with Rob Land and Steve Predmore at the FAA’s Annual Intl Safety Forum. There is an industry call to action regarding professionalism in aviation.

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  • Posted by fly4mo on September 10, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    A major item being discussed is pilot fatigue. I for one would love to see changes to our duty/flight time in relation to the time of day we operate. Some in our crew positions/company put productivity in front of safety. I really hope the new FAA rules break up our “highly sought after and quickly dropped” Carribean red-eyes. A fresh crew NEEDS to come out of the hotel and operate back to JFK, no questions asked…

    On a positive note, a daytime transcon turn would be fantastic as long as it’s during “normal waking hours”… It could happen.

    -JFK F.O.

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