September 4, 2009

Lillian earns a fan

We just received this story from a Customer about an Inflight Crewmember who tracked down an iPod’s owner through Facebook. For Customers, it shows the value of labeling your valuables; for Crewmembers, it shows the kind of Customer loyalty some detective work can earn!

My 8-year-old son left his iTouch on the plane coming back and was crying and depressed about losing it. We assumed it was lost forever. However it had our name on the back and flight attendant Lillian Brady contacted us on her own initiative through Facebook and is returning it to us tomorrow. For an airline to have employees like Lillian Brady speaks volumes about both your outstanding service and culture … you have just cemented us as lifetime customers through her “above and beyond” service. Thanks to JetBlue, and thanks to Lillian!

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