August 19, 2009

A tale of lost and found

Sometimes a mistake results in a happy ending. Although we have some of the industry’s best baggage performance (over the past year especially), when you’re handling 10s of millions of Customers’ bags per year, some are bound to lose their way.

One of the first bags to arrive on JFK Terminal 5's first day of operation

One of the first bags to arrive on JFK Terminal 5's first day of operation

That was the case on June 24, 2009, when a Customer’s bag, meant to jet from BOS to LAX, was mistagged and ended up traveling to Denver. At this point, the bag could have easily gotten lost in a corner of Denver International Airport, waiting to be found. But thanks to some excellent teamwork and our NetTracer tool, the bag found its way into the Customer’s hands not long after.

BUR Crewmember Brad was at LAX helping out for the day, and was on the phone helping the Customer whose bag hadn’t arrived from BOS. LAX Airports Supervisor Paul arrived for his shift and stepped in to help out, only to find what Brad was seeing — the bag wasn’t in the system. He assured the Customer they’d keep looking, and got back to work investigating. Brad suggested calling the Customer back to get some details on the bag’s contents, which he did.

Brad then entered the bag’s description into NetTracer, and got a 100% match on a bag in Denver. He called DEN’s supervisor on duty, Loreli, who confirmed they had the bag and verified its contents. By coincidence, a manager from Frontier Airlines was in our office at the time; Loreli asked if they could get the bag to LAX and thanks to some lucky timing, they could. The bag flew Frontier from DEN to LAX, where Airports Crewmember CeCe was waiting to grab it from the carousel.

Customers claim bags on T5's first day of operation

Customers claim bags on T5's first day of operation

Which brings us back to LAX Airports Supervisor Paul, who happens to live near where the bag’s owner was staying. He arranged to deliver it the next morning, and bag and Customer were happily reunited.

Such a relatively quick reunion of Customer and bag wouldn’t have been possible without collaboration across BlueCities and airlines, a commitment to Being the answer and the right technology. Great job Brad from BUR, Paul and Cece from LAX, and Loreli from DEN for getting the bag to its destination!

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