September 22, 2008

Meeting new Crewmembers (friends) – 12:25 p.m.

T5 BBQThis is Justin from CorpComm.

This morning has gone by in a flash. Well a speech, ribbon cutting, tours, bbq and prizes kind of flash. It has been wonderful talking to and snapping photos of so many of the Crewmembers this morning.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nizar or “Jack” from TPA. He had an awesome story of working at another airline for over 10 years then finding a renewed faith in the way airlines should be when he first heard about JetBlue. With this passion he left his previous airline and started anew with the “airline that will take over the world.” He loves the family atmosphere, the Crewmembers he works with and welcomes me with open arms if I am ever in TPA. Thanks Jack!

On my way to find my own bbq plate I also received a kind welcome from these Crewmembers from Boston!

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