Houston Goes Green By Planting Trees With Children


On Friday, October 29, our Houston BlueCity participated in its annual One Thing That’s Green event. The team coordinated with the Martin Luther King Early Childhood Center in Houston to plant trees in the school’s recreation area.

When they arrived at the school, the principal greeted crewmembers and met the children in the recreation area. After the introductions, children and crewmembers were split into groups and began planting four trees. Everyone participated, including the children, who placed mulch around the trees after they were planted.

The biggest reward of the day was the excitement on the kids’ faces. They showed their gratitude by making some ‘thank you’ posters for our crewmembers! Based on the success of the event, our crewmembers have decided to make monthly visits to the school in order to monitor the trees and read to the students.