Honoring Martin Luther King Day


Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Day in the United States, honoring the legacy of Dr. King as his wisdom and actions continue to inspire us to work together to promote inclusion and diversity to create a better tomorrow. Dr. King stands out as one of our most inspirational citizens; his universal messages of peace, equality and community remain as vital today as ever.

Images courtesy of runneralan on Flickr

Dr. King stood for many ideals, but one consistent theme across his messaging was the need for action. In his words, “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. Even a superficial look at history reveals that no social advance rolls in on the wheels of inevitability.”

A powerful way to honor Dr. King’s legacy today and every day is by taking steps to improve the lives of those around you. Whether on a global or a local scale, you can continue the Dr. King’s work by remembering that we all have a part in bringing positive change, and by actively working to move towards that change.

Check out some examples of our crewmember involvement in their local communities across the JetBlue network. Remember that change is created by changing one heart and one mind at a time, and that we each contain the power to inspire change in our communities.