Holiday Travel


’Tis the season to be jolly, and we want flying JetBlue to be fun for everyone! With shopping, singing, relaxing and celebrating, moving through our airports shouldn’t be stressful. We’re doing what we can to ensure our customers are happy this holiday season, particularly at our home at JFK, Terminal 5.

Making your home feel festive can make the season brighter, and that’s exactly what we’re doing! If you’re traveling through JFK, make sure to keep your eyes open for some of the surprises that are in store at T5.

If you’ve ever traveled through T5, you know there’s so much to explore, from an impressive selection of award-winning restaurants and concessions, to all the interesting kiosks – and there’s even a brand new Airspace lounge! Something for the entire family. This holiday season, also make sure to:

  • Enjoy some holiday tunes – Carolers may be wandering the airport, and our Rockbot playlist is stocked full of classic and not-so-classic holiday music. Download the Rockbot app and try your hand at DJing while you wait for your flight.
  • Snap a photo – Forgot to send those holiday cards? On select days, we’ll have our SocialPix Photo Booth set up to help send out some great last minute e-cards.
  • Shop! – whether you stop by one of the great T5 shops like Muji-To-Go or Tech Showcase, or get some ideas at the Kate Spade Saturday pop-up in the central marketplace.  You’re bound to find something for that last-minute gift!
  • Wrap it up – Whether you find that perfect gift in our marketplace, or have an unwrapped present you’ve brought through security (always a good idea to leave gifts unwrapped for inspection) keep an eye out for crewmembers with free gift wrapping kits.

We’ll do everything we can to make travel easy for you this season, but there are also some great tricks YOU can do to make your trip stress-free too. To make the experience a little smoother, check out these tips:

Anticipate the busy holiday traffic:  Give yourself plenty of time to get to and through the airport. If traveling domestically, plan to arrive at the airport two hours ahead of time. For international travel, allow three hours before your scheduled departure time.

Get a speedy check-in: Have no bags to check? Print your boarding pass at home to proceed directly to security, or download the free JetBlue app to get your mobile boarding pass, where mobile boarding is available. Bonus tip: Screenshot your mobile boarding pass in case the Internet connection at the airport is spotty. Bonus, bonus tip: Make sure all relevant travel documents (e.g., ID, passport, boarding pass) are stored in an easily accessible pocket or pouch for easy access through security and boarding.

Check your bag: Why? Because first bag is always free on JetBlue*, and it will be a load of stress off your arm to not have to navigate through the airport with luggage in-hand.

  * Weight and size limits apply.

Keep gifts unwrapped and shoes untied: Unless you want to watch the TSA open presents (that could be fun???), you should leave gifts unwrapped for inspection. Also, wear slip-on shoes for easy removal.

Running late? Hate long lines? Consider purchasing Even More Speed to help get you through security faster (now available at most domestic airports). Or take advantage of TSA Pre-Check and reduce security time for everyone!

Early boarding gets the overhead bin space: Purchase an Even More Space seat in order to receive priority boarding and first dibs on overhead bin space. Plus, you’ll get extra legroom to relax.

Eat, drink and be merry:  Didn’t get the chance to eat before your flight? Don’t fret; we have plenty of unlimited snacks and drinks onboard. For something more substantial, try one of our yummy Eat Up boxes.

Have your credit card handy: for any inflight purchases (cash is not accepted onboard). Got a JetBlue Amex card? Once the drink service starts, flash your card to the flight attendant to receive a FREE adult beverage. No card or under the age of 21? Flash a smile for a regular drink!

Keep your kids occupied. Bring games and toys on the flight for the little ones. Or bring or purchase a headset onboard for just $3 and have them tune in to our onboard entertainment. Nickelodeon, anyone?

You made it! Congratulations on a stress-free holiday travel. Take pictures of your awesome experience and share them using the hashtag #JetBlueSoFly