Helping to bring the humanity back to air travel- one Customer at a time


Airports Crewmember Sandra Robertson, was the recipient of gratitude- of the published kind in the widely received Huffington Post- as BettyConfidential’s editor-in-chief, Myrna Blythis, wrote of her favorable experience with JetBlue.

Myrna jetted with us from New York to Fort Lauderdale to her late brother’s home to handle related unfinished business and accidentally left some of his belongings at the airport. She called FLL and was delighted to encounter our Crewmember, Sandra, who was not only friendly and receptive, but took immediate action to retrieve and return Myrna’s belongings.

Thank you Sandra, for helping to perpetuate our company mission to “bring the humanity back to air travel” and thank you, Myrna, for sharing your story!

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