Helping Our Troops Make It Home For The Holidays


This past Saturday, December 17, our Richmond crewmembers helped our troops returning from Iraq make it home for the holidays. This year in particular, there is an especially large exodus of troops heading home on different carriers. Our Richmond crew reported that the troops were all very excited to be reunited with their families.

The soldiers were dropped off in waves at the airport beginning at 4 a.m. Our crewmembers offered the troops beverages and snacks while they waited for their connecting flights home. At the gate prior to boarding, our team made their normal boarding announcements but included a special early boarding call for our troops.

Everyone in the gate area stood up and applauded as the troops boarded. One crewmember wished the troops a Merry Christmas in Spanish, or “Feliz Navidad,” which prompted the troops to all break into song and skip down the jet-bridge waiving their boarding passes!

We wish our troops and their families a very happy return home this holiday season!