Happy Birthday Brooke!


Our Social Media Support team first heard about Brooke from a blog post her mom wrote in 2010, thanks for flying jet blue | a diary of a mom

It was a wonderful story of a little girl who found a little bit of love for JetBlue when an Inflight crewmembers serenaded a customer with a special JetBlue birthday song, a birthday song that Brooke adopted to make her own birthday tradition.

Ever since, Brooke and her mom have been there, talking with us on Twitter, working with our Special Services line, or traveling with us on vacations. The team was excited to hear when Brooke got to fly down to visit Dora the Explorer in Disney World, nervous when travel plans got complicated with a security hiccup, and genuinely moved when we saw fellow crewmembers working to ensure her comfort.

Jess, Brooke’s mom, says that Brooke knows “her people.” Well, we know ours too. Happy Birthday Brooke!