Haiti Relief Team- Suhadee's story


Suhadee Henriquez was part of the second team to arrive. She is a trained Social Worker and speaks Spanish and her family is from the D.R.. “It hit close to home, she said, “and I felt that my experience as a Social Worker could be useful.”

Suhadee with baby that fled from Haiti with her mother

She helped to assist Customers and Crewmembers in every possible way. What touched her the most was a Haitian family traveling with a baby that had walked all the to SDQ from Haiti with the baby in tow. She offered them  blankets and food and water when they arrived and tried to make it as comfortable as possible for them before their flight left. Perhaps most poignantly, Suhadee was touched by how the baby was content playing with the simple plastic wrapping from the blanket and seemed to have no knowledge of the terrifying situation she had just been through.

She worked with SDQ AO and GO Crewmembers to try to take a little stress off them with the increased traffic they were seeing from Haiti.

There were UN doctors and volunteers stationed in the office next to where JetBlue had set up operations. Some of them had performed no less than 60 amputations the day prior and had not showered in three days. Suhadee helped to arrange to have them taken to the nearby fire house to shower.

“We knew the impact on our Crewmembers and Customers was going to be tough,” said a member to the Care Team in FSC, and that’s why they sent “skilled, trained soft-support to SDQ to help support our operations.”