Haiti Relief Doctor shows gratitude to Crewmember for assistance


Director of Risk Management, Lee Garvin, was in Seattle during our reservation system cutover last month and witnessed Seattle Airports Crewmember Clathyn Williams working with a team of volunteer doctors and EMTs who were headed to New York en route to Haiti to offer up their services to those in need. The doctors planned to meet up with another member, Andrew Kennedy, of their group, IMAT, in JFK. Dr. Kennedy was coming down from Portland and Clathyn extended all efforts possible to help the group unite. “I witnessed Clathyn take great care of this group, he was so helpful,” said Lee.

Dr. Kennedy with other in the IMAT group that volunteered to assist those in need in Haiti
Dr. Kennedy with other in the IMAT group that volunteered to assist those in need in Haiti

See below for the letter that Dr. Andy Kennedy wrote to Claythyn and others to show his gratitude for our assistance.

Dear Claythyn,

I just returned from Haiti yesterday and finally found your email as I worked through my rather full inbox tonight.

I can not say enough about the people from your company, in the midst of learning your new operations system they all managed to be wonderful, helpful and friendly.

I particularly want to mention Jim at Portland ME, who went out of his way to help, to remove extra baggage levies and who even came onto the aircraft to say a friendly good luck.

Also on my departure from Santiago, DR the staff were wonderful, again finding ways to make extra bag charges disappear. I certainly did not expect to be asked to board the aircraft as a status holding passenger! I think that a girl called Aleyna( I am pretty sure that I have messed up the spelling, sorry!) made that happen.

John, the shift supervisor at JFK domestic was also very helpful.

If there is any way you can inform management about the extra steps these guys took to help me then I would be very grateful, if I need to write to someone else then please reply with their e-mail address. I want your top people to know that all these people went beyond good customer service.

Finally, I love the extra legroom, and enjoyed the even better space of a seat up front on the way back. I am a convert, Jetblue will be my airline of choice from now on!

Thanks so much for making our trips to Haiti so much easier. We arrived less hassled for your efforts, and I am sure that the work we did was better as a result.

Yours aye,
Andy Kennedy, RN
IMAT 2 member