Guten tag! Lufthansa partnership begins


Gregor Schlaeger/Lufthansa
Gregor Schlaeger/Lufthansa

It’s always a good laugh to look back at our original route map — with its two lonely lines, connecting Buffalo to New York, and Fort Lauderdale to New York. While we’ve been busy spreading our wings southward for quite some time — we launched our 12th international destination, Barbados, this morning — today we took a giant leap forward by putting on sale our codeshare flights with Lufthansa.

We can now take travelers from Tampa to Tashkent (you know, in Uzbekistan) … from San Juan to Spain … from Pittsburgh to Paris — the alliterations and the flight options are endless! Pretty cool, if you ask us.

We’re big fans of Lufthansa, and not just because those pillbox hats look so fabulous on their cabin crew, but because Lufthansa is a lot like JetBlue in its track record of innovation, like those über-cool self-boarding gates at their hubs in Europe, and its tradition of providing great value and friendly service.

So, suffice it to say, we’re pretty smitten to have Lufthansa as part of the JetBlue family. That impressive route map, with its hundreds of cities around the globe, leaves us salivating.  Dubai … Turkey … India … Egypt … Israel … Italy … Where will YOU go next?