Giving Thanks On Thanksgiving


Image courtesy of gamene on Flickr

Happy Thanksgiving!

For those not familiar, Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated mainly in the United States and Canada, a tradition handed down from the first Europeans to land in North America who  marked the end of the harvest season by gathering and enjoying the collective fruits of their labor.

Thanksgiving as we know it today has held onto the best parts of the holiday (namely the feasting) but also remains true to its roots of sharing and good will. In particular, we take this time to show appreciation for all that we have.

We’d like to take this time to thank our 14,000 crewmembers for the work they do every day of the year to ensure the safety of one another and of the airline. We’d also like to thank our customers for continuing to choose JetBlue as their airline of choice. We are grateful for all that we have and look forward to another busy and exciting holiday season!

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