Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving


A very happy Thanksgiving to all! More than the delicious food and company that many of us have the privilege of enjoying today, we recognize the opportunity to reflect on all that we’re thankful for.

We’re appreciative of another great year of getting to “bring humanity back to air travel.” We’re grateful for our millions of customers who make our jobs easy by being so wonderful, and we’re grateful for our 14,500 crewmembers and business partners – many who are working today – without whom we wouldn’t be the award-winning brand that delivers safe and excellent service each and every day of the year.

We recognize that many of our friends, family and neighbors will not have a celebratory Thanksgiving because they are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Our thoughts are with those who are entering the holiday season with lost or displaced homes. Visit to learn about our ongoing efforts and to see how you can help.

Learn more about our holiday operational plans and tips for flying with us this week.