Introducing: Gateway Select


Gateway Select

Ever dream of becoming a pilot? Think you have the dedication, focus and natural aptitude to fly commercial aircraft? Perhaps you’ve even looked into traditional pathways to becoming a pilot, but were deterred by costs, or the prospect that your goal of becoming a commercial pilot at a major carrier could still remain elusive.

The traditional application process—recruiting certified pilots who may have already completed training with military, university, cargo or smaller airline backgrounds—is one pathway we offer for pilots to join us at JetBlue. Indeed, we regularly see thousands of candidates apply when we open applications for pilot positions, but we also know many with the abilities and passion to become a pilot are deterred from even pursuing their dreams by financial or social impediments.

At JetBlue, we see the opportunity to ease some of those barriers so that those with the natural aptitude can pursue their dream. Traditionally, our Pilot Gateway Programs has offered six distinct pathways for pilots to join us here at JetBlue. Now, we’re launching a seventh pathway: Gateway Select.

What is Gateway Select?

Taking the best concepts of pilot training from military and international airlines, this competency-based training program is designed specifically for candidates without previous aviation training who demonstrate the most desired qualities in a pilot. We’re partnering with industry leader CAE to develop a rigorous four-year training program that incorporates classroom learning, extensive real-world flying experience and instruction in full-flight simulators.  At the successful completion of the program, participants will meet FAA requirements for pilots and be offered a first officer position at JetBlue, where they complete the same orientation and six-week instruction that all E190 first officers complete.

Why is Gateway Select different from other pilot training programs?

Because the traditional model requires pilots to make a significant financial investment over numerous years without the guarantee of a job, Gateway Select has been designed to bring more predictability and a lower overall cost to aspiring pilots. With a focused program that builds complex skills from first day with early exposure to multi-crew/multi-engine operations, Gateway Select is intended to train and hire high-quality pilots while also making the profession more accessible to a broader range of candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

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