Future JetBlue Pilot Shows Off His Stuff


Owen, pictured above, took a very momentous JetBlue flight to Boston last summer. That is when his obsession and love for JetBlue began. Since then, the 3 1/2 year-old eagerly looks forward to trips to visit his grandma and JetBlue Airport Operations crewmember, Julie, at our Long Beach station, so he can see ‘his’ airport and visit ‘his’ JetBlue planes. Sometimes he catches “Mr. Tom” (Thomas, our General Manager in Long Beach) in his office to score some candy and other JetBlue goodies. He often refers to JetBlue as ‘his work’ and pretends that he’s going to work to fly ‘his’ JetBlue planes.

For the holidays, a few crewmembers planned a special surprise for Owen. The husband of one crewmember facilitated an amazing makeover to a kids pedal plane, converting it into Owen’s very own JetBlue plane! One day, Owen was lucky enough to be given a beautiful model plane, which is his most prized possession.

Complete with his pilot uniform, JetBlue lanyard, and personal Airbus 320, Owen is well on his way to being a future JetBlue pilot!