Fast Company Magazine thinks JetBlue "gets it"


Fast Company recently ran a comprehensive feature called “The United States of Design” on its website which featured – you guessed it – JetBlue! The editorial discusses the intersection between American business and design, evaluating how the pairing of technology and design can drive a brand’s success. What’s more, it notes the power of design to improve product offerings and influence a business’s overall operation.

“Design can be a critical competitive advantage–if American business seizes this moment.”

Turns out, Fast Company thinks that JetBlue has seized the moment! Supporting the feature article is a visual piece that highlights the “30 Companies that Get It.” The slideshow shows different companies that in Fast Company’s opinion, are strong in the design department – and we’re one of them. According to Fast Company, JetBlue is “an integrated experience from kiosk to blue snacks.” Other companies included in the round-up are Nike, Target, Starbucks, Apple and more.

To gain some insight into the criteria used to select each company, we spoke with Cliff Kuang, Editor of Fast Company’s Co.Design. Here’s what he had to say:

“The process for picking the companies on the list was fairly organic. The 30 that made the cut were drawn from a list of over 100, and as we thought about which companies stood out, we asked ourselves questions such as: Which companies do designers most respect? Which companies have raised the profile of design beyond just the few insiders in the profession? And finally, the most important criteria was whether a company has brought something distinctive and fresh, using the power of design, to their industry at large.“

We also asked him about why JetBlue in particular made the cut:

“Among America’s airlines, Jet Blue stood out because of how distinct its branding and message has always been, and its focus on the details of the flying experience, from the kiosk to the boarding pass to the inflight script.”

Here’s our image from the Fast Company slide show:

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