Facet-nating New Tail Design


We’ve spent quite a bit of time talking about the inside of our new A321s, but today we want to show off something new you’ll soon be spotting on the outside of our new fleet: a new tail pattern!

Our tails are iconic reflections of our brand, and their timeless styles make them instantly recognizable. To highlight the new additions to our fleet, we’re adorning our A321s with their own custom tailfin pattern we’re calling Prism.

Prism, inspired by the Cubist movement of the early 20th Century, will join the eight other official JetBlue tailfin designs. Prism was designed by JetBlue’s award-winning Brand team, led by our Brand Manager, Lashonne Duncan.

The Cubism movement was revolutionary in its time, interpreting reality into two-dimensions on canvas, often dissecting and reassembling the image, challenging the audience to look at regular everyday things in a new way.  “That’s how JetBlue looks at the world, and how we continue to reinvent the travel experience for our customers,” Lashonne says. “That ethos continues into our future, with Mint, our interpretation of the premium coast-to-coast product.”

The Cubist esthetic also fits perfectly with the A321 fleet. With some of the planes outfitted with the core experience alone, and others with a mix of core and Mint seats, there are many facets and dimensions to fleet, just like there are facets and dimensions to the design.

Prism will also officially introduce green to the JetBlue master color scheme. While you may have seen green incorporated into our new terminal in San Juan, or the last time JetGreen – our New York Jets special livery – touched down, with Prism, green and blue go hand in hand.

Have you spotted all our tail designs?


JetBlue Airways Tailfin Designs



A Cubist inspired design that reflects the many incredible facets of our new A321 fleet. New in 2013


You can’t quite scan our jets, but barcode sure makes for one beautiful tailfin. Generated in 2010.


What could be better than a healthy snack in our favorite color? Our blueberries-inspired design popped up in 2009.



Created in 2005, this tailfin eventually came to inspire the name for the TrueBlue Mosaic program.


We were bubbling with excitement to reveal this design in 2003.


Introduced in 2002, you can spot this pattern on both our stylish crewmembers and our jets.



We crossed our T’s and dotted our tailfin in 2000.


A hidden gem, we found this diamond-studded pattern in 2000.


Stripes are always in style. We’ve been wearing them since the very start (2000).

 Special One-of-a-Kind JetBlue Tailfins

Boston Red Sox

This design was a homerun with our Boston crewmembers and customers. 

We’re the proud official airline of the Boston Red Sox.

NY Jets – “JetGreen”

Blue never looked so good in green.

We’re the proud official airline of the NY Jets.

Building blocks

Some of our best inspiration comes from our very own crew — like Building Blocks, created in 2011 by crewmember Troy Bokosky in Long Beach, CA.


10th anniversary

Cheers to 10 years!

NY’s hometown airline™

We’re proud to be NY’s hometown airline™.

100th plane

Celebrating our 100th Airbus 320!