Evolving the JetBlue Customer Experience


For the past several months, we have been sharing a number of exciting enhancements we’re making to the JetBlue customer experience: Fly-Fi, fresh food, new seats, and more.

The upcoming debut of our new Airbus A321 aircraft gives us an opportunity to up our game once again with even more great enhancements.

Since we announced that we’d be adding the Airbus A321 to our fleet, there has been a lot of interest. We’ve heard it all: What does adding a new fleet type mean to JetBlue?  Where will it fly? What will the cabin look like? Will there be a first class?

Before we answer these questions, it’s important to take a look back at our 13-plus year history. When you think about it, what made JetBlue famous back in 2000 hasn’t really changed.  You know the product points: free live TV, leather seats, and lots of legroom. You’ve heard them a million times (we hope).

The reason you haven’t seen more significant changes – like totally new cabins – is due to an unfortunate reality of our business: it costs a whole lot of money (millions and millions) and takes a whole lot of time (years and years) to do something new on an airplane.

What makes the A321 so exciting is that we decided to seize the opportunity of taking a new fleet type by investing in a totally-refreshed experience. We took it as a chance to dream big, push the envelope, and once again revolutionize air travel – all with a humanity-centered goal.

Even better, what we’re doing on the A321 will eventually become standard on the entire Airbus A320 fleet, too. And we’re working through enhancements for the Embraer 190 to create an experience that is as consistent as possible.

This is truly a pivotal moment in JetBlue’s history – more than just taking delivery a new airplane.

A look ahead

In future posts, we plan to bring you a closer look at the soon-to-be-shared branding of our enhanced transcontinental experience, what it took to design our seats, how we chose our soon-to-be shared partners, and how so many crewmembers contributed to this tremendous effort.

We also encourage you to be a part of the conversation! Please use the “comments” section to ask any questions or tell us what you’d like to hear more about.