Honoring Earth Day


Honoring Earth Day, we’re encouraging Customers, Crewmembers and communities across our network to join together in pledging to do One Thing That’s Green to protect the environment via our Facebook page. Last year, our Jetting to Green environmental commitment inspired more than 64,000 people to participate in our quest to help preserve the environment. This year, we’re aiming for 100,000 more people to make their pledge! Plus, we’ll reward everyone’s good deed with a free Zinio download!

Crewmembers talk about One Thing That’s Green:

[flv:http://wpc.07B8.edgecastcdn.net/0007B8/Video/20100417_OneThingThat%27s%20Green.flv 480 368]

And, today through July 9, 2010, Customers can enter the One Thing That’s Green sweepstakes at www.onethingthatsgreensweepstakes.com. This year, we’re is proud to partner with renowned author and mind-body expert, Deepak Chopra, M.D., Amana®, Vespa® and other eco-friendly partners, for the chance to win a variety of prizes.

Just one small change in your daily routine can make a huge impact on the environment. By taking action and social responsibility, together we can help make a difference in preserving our planet by reducing our impact, volunteering our services and educating ourselves and others on environmentally-friendly practices. This year, JetBlue pledges One Thing That’s Green to our partner, Carbonfund.org: a donation of one tree for each of our 12,000 Crewmembers to further offset carbon emissions. More information about what JetBlue is doing to reduce, educate and volunteer is available online at www.jetblue.com/green.