Do you feel like you're living in a snow globe?


Image courtesy of 29233640 on Flickr

It certainly feels like we’re stuck inside a snow globe this winter. It’s like someone passes by once a week, turns us upside-down and shakes us up (maybe they’re even cruel enough to blast “It’s a Small World After All” on a loop). At least that’s how it feels when storm after storm prevents you from escaping to that tropical island you’ve been waiting all year to enjoy.

The snow keeps falling in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, mucking up travel conditions for all those folks who want to get away or get home or to get anywhere at all really. This storm in particular is shaping up to be an especially challenging one because it’s not just snow we’re facing. Mother Nature has decided to dump mixed precipitation on us, which means that we’re looking at sleet, ice pellets, rain, snow, and just plain yuck. Ice, as you can imagine, makes conditions slippery and dangerous for walking, driving, and flying. Wind gusts are also expected to huff and puff, an obvious challenge when it comes to flying.

Thankfully when it comes to most winter storms we have some notice and so we’re able to plan ahead. We’re offering fee waivers for Customers who have flights booked today and tomorrow and have also proactively cancelled some flights so we’re able to give our Customers advanced notice and prevent unnecessary treks to the airport in bad weather. We’re also working diligently to make sure our Crews are in position and that our deicing equipment loaded up so that we can get planes prepped and ready to go as fast as possible.

One day sunny days will return. In the meantime, safe travels and stay warm! And always remember to check the status of your flight before heading to the airport.