Did you know…sympathy for CEOs


didyouknow_ds2Welcome to the first installment in the launch of an ongoing series to introduce Crewmembers and Customers to interesting particulars, programs, and factoids about JetBlue that you may or may not know about.

Did you know… that acting in the vein of the extremely compassionate company that we are- and in light of the global economic crunch and the collapse of some of the leading financial players- we launched a video campaign, “The CEO’s Guide to Jetting: An introduction to commercial air travel for CEOs only.” In the three video chapters, we outline- in the clearest possible language- how CEOs can jet with us. We believe we may be the only company to extend a hand outwards to show these particular people step-by-step instructions on how to live (or at least jet) in the real world.

Ken Wheaton from Advertising Age about the videos remarked that, “not only does the copy from JWT still seem fresh, the acting in the spot below is spot on.” And marketing blogger, Richard Saling, commented, “This is not only funny but it also drives the point straight home and has all of the needed elements of a good advertisement.”

Now you know!