Did you know…seats


didyouknow_dsDid you know… that if you buy a ticket you are guaranteed a seat on our plane? This may sound like a novel statement; after all, shouldn’t a ticket sale of any kind yield a reserved seat? Aha, that is not the case with most airlines, as they overbook their flights to maximize revenue, sometimes bumping customers that cannot get onto the flight. We are unique in that we are one of the few to sell only the number of tickets that we have seats to fill on a given flight. In fact, our Customer Bill of Rights specifically protects Customers from getting bumped because of overbooking. Catching a whiff of that “living beyond your means” stuff that caused the housing bubble? We like to live within our means at JetBlue; perhaps that’s why we pulled a profit in 2009.

Ok, we digress- back to our seats. We offer plush leather seats and more legroom than any other airline in our class (not to mention 36 channels of free DirecTV at every seat). The average legroom is 31″ and we boast an additional 3″ at 34″. You can compare us to others by visiting Seat Guru (yes, there is an entire website devoted to airplane seat information).

The leather seats aren’t just a fashion statement either, they last longer than fabric seats and are easier to clean, requiring less harsh chemicals. Do you love the leather seats? You might also be happy to know that you can keep one with you in spirit with our Recycled Leather Seat Bag at ShopBlue.

MLB player, David Ortiz, enjoy our leather seats
MLB player, David Ortiz, enjoys our leather seats

We also now offer Even More Legroom (EML), for an additional 4″, at 38″ for a nominal fee. We offer 36 EML seats on our A320 planes (rows 2-5, 10, 11, and the emergency exit rows, and four EML seats on our E190s (row 12 and the emergency exit rows). You can view a seating chart here. Be assured that if you are assigned a seat with extra legroom but did not specifically choose it (because all other seats are already booked, etc.) you will not have to pay extra. And- full disclosure- two of those EML seats that are located in the emergency row (10a and f on the A320) do not recline.

We reserve seats in all of Row 1 and Row 6 in our Airbus A320s, and rows 1 and 2 in our EMBRAER 190s, in order to provide advance seat assignments, as requested, to customers with disabilities. Unaccompanied minors are also seated as close as possible to the front of the airplane. We will gladly pre-assign seats to qualified Customers at the time of booking when requested.

Our seats, themselves, are made machined aluminum or aluminum tubes of special alloys made just for aircraft use.  The outer plastic shells are made from special plastics which meet appearance, longevity and regulatory requirements.  Our cushions are specially designed for comfort over a variety of trip lengths using the latest ergonomic principles.  The foam used in the cushions meet the stringent regulatory requirements.  The leather dress covers are specially designed for long wear and cleanability and have additional padding for comfort.  The design of the cut and finish was designed to be in harmony with the aircraft’s interiors.

The seats are extensively tested to meet strength requirements, and are designed specifically with to meet all the latest safety requirements.  All the seat parts are designed to work together to provide the highest level of safety, comfort and consistent quality we can give our customers.

If you didn’t before, now you know!