Did You Know… Tailfins


Did you know… that our newest livery features our Crewmember-design "Building Blocks". Other one-of-a-kind liveries in our fleet include: ‘I Heart Blue York,’ revealed last week and featuring our co-branded trademark with New York State’s iconic I LOVE NEW YORK tourism campaign and logo; our 100th Airbus 320 “Blue 100,” with a 100-themed tailfin; a unique 10-themed livery to signify our entry into our second decade; and our two sports-themed aircraft, paying homage to the Real Salt Lake soccer team and the New York Jets. Each of our remaining aircraft features one of nine existing tailfin designs. Repeated tailfins include: Barcode, Blueberries, Bubbles, Dots, Harlequin, Mosaic, Plaid, Stripes and Windowpane.