Did You Know…? Even more means even more!


When we announced earlier in the week our new offering of early boarding for those who purchase our Even More Legroom seats, we were doing something that might be confusing to some. We were offering even more added value to an existing offer. We know it’s hard to wrap your head around because most airlines (and even most companies) wouldn’t attempt such feats. In fact, most businesses do the exact opposite, either charging you the same and taking something away or charging you more for something extra.

We believe it’s just plane fair to let those Customers who pay for more legroom to board early, so they can get early access to the overhead bin space. After all, we became an airline in order to “bring humanity back to air travel.”

Don’t want to pay for more legroom? No problem! You already GET MORE legroom on JetBlue than any other U.S. airline offers in coach class. The Even More Legroom seats offer – take a guess – even more legroom! With this offering you can now also board early and have early access to overhead bin space. We know, you’re welcome.

The glorious gams featured above belong to our six-foot-five-inch tall Marketing Crewmember Don who certainly appreciates our Even More Legroom seats

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