Dear Celebrities …


This morning we posted the following open letter to celebrities in a number of L.A. papers.

Dear Celebrities,

Everyone carries around a little extra baggage. And we want you to let yours go to help a good cause.

Join JetBlue and help raise money to benefit It’s simple. Send us your party purses, travel bags and carry-ons (we know you’ve got them; we’ve seen the pictures) and we’ll auction them on eBay with 100 percent of the proceeds going to help thousands of youth groups in L.A. And around the country.

So while your first bag flies for free* on every flight on JetBlue, donating it for a good cause is a much greater perk.

Just have your people call our people.

Weight and size limits apply

So stay tuned to find out which celebs are on board and where you can look to bid on these famous bags. And if you’re a celebrity who wants to let go of some of your extra baggage to benefit, like we said, have your people call our people!