Dave our mayor?


We first noticed brand observer and Twitter user, @darrlyohrt yesterday tweeting about a special guest on his JetBlue flight, our very own CEO Dave Barger.

darrylohrt1For us here at JetBlue, this might not be a very big deal. We all know Dave has a preferred carrier to travel around with, and it’s got a blue belly, TVs in every seat, and great Crewmembers delivering a great experience. Just ask a Crewmember to imagine a JetBlue episode of Undercover Boss and you’ll likely get a laugh. Our leadership is always visiting stations and meeting with Crewmembers – and that visibility is important to our Customers too.

Darryl got a chance to ask to ask Dave some questions as he was deplaning and blogged about the very idea of visible leadership on his site, Brandflakes for Breakfast (yes, we’re blogging about a blog about us). We’re all responsible for the reputation of our brand and we’re proud that Dave is out there showing our Customers that we can all “be in blue”