Dave on CNBC's Fast Money


Our own Dave Barger was a guest on CNBC’s Fast Money’s Halftime Report this Monday. The segment was about JetBlue “spreading its wings,” and where Dave views the industry headed in the next few months.

Dave spoke to top industry concerns, including oil hedging, foreign investment,  and the impact of the current BP oil spill. On hedging, Dave noted that we have no plans to be any more aggressive than usual and that we will continue to utilize the same tools we have been to “flatten the volatility of our number one expense.” He mentioned the positive factors associated with foreign investment like our alliance with Lufthansa, and the importance of our long-term strategic partnership with them. Finally, he expressed how the oil spill has not yet posed a major issue for us, and how it will hopefully clear up before we head into peak season.

Watch the full clip below