Dave Goes To Washington


20120731-141817.jpgOur CEO Dave Barger was in Washington D.C. again today, but this wasn’t just any regular visit. He joined fellow honorees at the White House to be recognized as a Transportation Innovator in the White House’s “Champions of Change” series. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood kicked off the day’s events, recognizing Dave’s leadership in the joint Federal Aviation Administration-industry effort to implement the Next-Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) airspace modernization program.

JetBlue has long partnered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on its role in upgrading the nation’s air traffic control system. We’ve assisted in providing data, equipping aircraft with NextGen systems, and utilizing new satellite-based streamlined approaches into our home at New York’s JFK airport. We’re excited by the FAA’s initiative to upgrade the air traffic control system, which promise greater efficiency for our crews, and a better experience for our customers. The importance of this to JetBlue is demonstrated by Dave’s own commitment to the project.

In addition to his role as Chief Executive Officer for New York’s Hometown Airline, Dave Barger also serves as the Chairman of the NextGen Advisory Committee (NAC), a policy-level Federal advisory committee tasked with creating consensus for NextGen priorities based on the program’s capabilities and constraints. He has also served on the Department of Transportation’s Future of Aviation Advisory Committee (FAAC), providing information, advice, and recommendations to the Secretary of Transportation on ensuring the competitiveness of the U.S. aviation industry and its capability to address the evolving transportation needs, challenges, and opportunities of the global economy.

Dave was joined by fellow crewmembers from our NetGen team, Bill Cranor, Bill Allen, Joe DeVito, and Joe Bertapelle for the event. You can read more details here.