Dan's story- daveneelemanpleasehireme.com


JetBlue University Crewmember, Dan Dyer, took a most creative approach to pitching himself for a job at JetBlue. See below for his story, in his own words:

I was visiting a friend in Boston who was talking up JetBlue, saying great things about the CEO and about how they did things differently. When I returned home to Seattle the cover story for Fast Company was about David Neeleman and JetBlue. Both were portrayed so positively, I was then determined to work at a company so awesome.

I knew that other people would want to work at JetBlue and I didn’t know how to stand out in the crowd of resumes. So I created a website, davidneelemanpleasehireme.com, and I made it look as much like jetblue.com as I possibly could. The main page was to be a cover letter. The navigation was sort of a resume.  I designed the website myself and tried to copy all the detail of jetblue.com.daveneelemanpleasehireme2I wrote in to jetblue.com via the “speak up” section. I mentioned how much I love JetBlue, that I loved how they treated customers, and how much I wanted to work there.  I included a link to davidneelemanpleasehireme.com.

My idea was too awesome to be ignored; they either hadn’t read the comments I made or they thought I was too weird. After a week of not hearing from them I gave up.

A month later I finally got a call saying the job I wanted wasn’t the right fit but that they had a need for someone with my technical skills in JetBlue University. I checked my web stats and a whole bunch of people from JetBlue had seen it. Eventually, someone who happened to be in Seattle gave me a “weirdo” screening interview. I was brought in to NYC for a few more interviews and finally I was hired.