Cutover coverage makes us blush


While it’s still early in the game and we’ve not yet patted ourselves on the back, others are starting to!

Tnooz, a “talking travel tech” blog, published that, “Such reservations systems transitions are massive in scope, and from outward appearances, JetBlue was doing everything right — at least in terms of transparency to the customer.”

Cranky Flier author, Brett Syner,  wrote on BNET that, “Over the weekend, the two [Sabre and JetBlue] officially tied the knot when JetBlue’s divorce from Navitaire was finalized. The transition so far has been going very well. If this holds, it will set the standard for how to switch systems.”

And lastly, reported that, “These shifts to new reservations systems are not to be taken lightly. As of this writing, it appears that the migration at JetBlue took place in a fairly orderly fashion.”

We’re humbled by the comments, but we’re not ready to raise the victory flag just yet, as we’re still in the trenches with our sleeves rolled up. Thanks so much to our Crewmembers, who are tirelessly working to ensure the smoothest possible transition and to our Customers for their continued patience.