Customers send in kudos following Boston Globe ad


To celebrate our Crewmembers’ contributions to our seventh J.D. Power win, last week we placed the below ad in the Boston Globe with a call for Customers to tweet their kudos for our Crewmembers! We received many great submissions, a selection of which are posted here.

A few great tweets!

sonear: Thank you Cpt Karen G. (LBG) for serving our country in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Nice work Sis – come home soon we miss you! #thankujbcrew

SamWillTravel : To the awesome @JetBlue flight attendant that kept a smile on his face despite teens hurling spitballs at him, THANK YOU! #thankujbcrew

jerodrig : @JetBlue #thankujbcrew umm all of them πŸ™‚ thanks for the consistently great service

Tableteer : @JetBlue I’d like to thank the Long Beach staff for holding the IAD flight until the SEA flight arrived. #thankujbcrew

Will6786 : #thankujbcrew kim stasko is a great stewardess

aka_christine : Rache and crew on a recent JFK>BUR rocked it. πŸ™‚ supernice RT @JetBlue: Know a JetBlue crewmember you’d like to thank? Tweet #thankujbcrew

orinnejames : @JetBlue Melissa Krebs! #thankujbcrew

bmanchee : Yay Captain Scott Taylor! #thankujbcrew

BrosephC : @JetBlue thanks Ryan Byrne and Lyana Rodriguez #thankujbcrew

WTOAssociates : Matt Grivner! >RT @JetBlue Your dedication is showing. crewmember you’d like to thank? Tweet #thankujbcrew

mweger : @JetBlue Mr. Jay Zalman is the best of the best. #thankujbcrew

mikefoley: RT @JetBlue #thankujbcrew Flo C. from Boston. Cuz she’s a long time friend and super awesome personality. And the BOS-SFO folks. Aways nice!

farbav : #thankujbcrew to @JetBlue Rebecca & crew who do flights 739/740 often. Always great service. Hopefully we’ll see Rebecca tonight!

Shadoh78: @JetBlue Loved the whole crew on flight 199 last night, especially Rose & Bobby! #thankujbcrew

ericastokes_ny: #thankujbcrew to Brian Bolt at @JetBlue JFK who single handedly allowed me to make my flight to Vegas last Saturday #givethatguyaraise

57jane : #thankujbcrew Hey – Mike DeNigris = great crew guy! AND Thanks to JetBlue Twitter team for the turtle update.