Customer Support Crewmember Creates Winter Storm Poetry


Customer Support Crewmember Holly was so inspired by the intensity and teamwork during last week’s storm that she produced a poem to describe the experience. Read Holly’s rhyming recap of the winter weather event below.

“Thank You for calling, you’ve reached Jetblue,
Thanks for your patience, how may I help you?”
I realize the wait is extrordinarily long
I’m sure our “soothing” hold music rocked you along

Please let me access your 6 letter code
I’ll pull up your flights, would you please hold?
Because of the weather cancellations/delays
The worst NorthEast storm they say in decades

I’m checking the flights – let’s take a look
It says January 2nd is the first to rebook
I know “work is waiting”, family anxious for you
Let me try Newark, LaGuardia and Westchester too.

It’s your lucky day, I found one seat left-
(as my heart just about pounds right out of my chest!)
Again, thanks for your patience, let me update your ticket,
A quick invol exchange (oh please hurry click it!)

Aisle seat or Window?  Perhaps EML?
They’re the only thing left on my screen to sell
“You want ME to pay extra for a seat that is VACANT?!
Oh, I get to board FIRST, Of course, I will take it!”

Recap the changes made to the flight
Reassuring their trueblue #’s plainly in sight
Send out the email, confirm the address
Whew!  My FIRST call of the day wasn’t that bad of a test!

Now that I’m going on Overtime hours—
My fingers are cramping and I need a shower!
Contact from Supes – Code Yellow, now RED
Man, we’re exhausted – Where is my BED?

I’m following emails and all ResUpdates,
They’re suspending BlueMetrics for heaven sakes!
Sabres a slug, I’ve rebooted 8 times
My Avaya now dead, I think I may cry

My headsets’ left a crater indent,
amazed at the CSSUV emails I’ve sent!
What’s CS hold time?
What is RES Queue?
Amazed at what Jeblue Crewmembers can do!

Kids leaving white board msgs for days
“Mommy’s STILL in jammies!” with a smiley, it says.
This week’s been a blur,
Christmas – A “blip”
OT Required
There goes my trip!

Most of us begging this madness to STOP
But nothing detours us, not this IROP!
With the tradeboard for “venting”, encouragement too
Just think of the PTO we’ll quickly will accrue!

Like Cutover, we’ll do it, we’ve done it before,
with Safety, Caring, Passion, Integrity, Fun  and MORE!
We’re JetBlue Crew for crying out loud,
Heartfelt thanks to those on the ground to way up in the clouds!

When we look back at this time next year,
The stress will have faded and so will the tears
We WILL laugh, telling stories again and again…

Until then…crack a Coke, pass the advil and HIT AUTO IN!