Getting a Customer home, in the air and on the road


Happy Crewmembers on JFK Terminal 5's opening day

JetBlue receives a lot of letters from Customers telling us what they did or didn’t like about their service. We share some of the best ones on HelloJetBlue, but this story’s good enough to merit its own blog post.

One of the behaviors that defines Jettitude is to Be in Blue, always. In this story, Janet and Robby were clearly “in Blue” all the way back to Jersey, when they helped a Customer whose money clip went missing. For an airline that was briefly going to be called “Taxi,” this Customer’s story, which follows below, is wholly appropriate:

This is long overdue, but I’ve been traveling quite a bit and didn’t have the chance to sit down and give credit where credit’s due. On May 3, flying LGB-JFK, I lost my money clip at the end of the flight. Janet Kardashian was the most pleasant, helpful, calming flight attendant I have ever witnessed. She was on her hands and knees looking for my money clip. The flight landed, and it became apparent there was a strong possibility it had been stolen. I waited outside the gate at JFK while the crew finished cleaning, and still nothing. Immediately thereafter, First Officer Robby Fraser walked up to me and offered me a ride to the city where I lived! Janet wasn’t staying too far from me so she also carpooled.

Robby had no idea who I was and still was kind enough to lend a ride on his way home to NJ. Unbelievable.

When he dropped me off, I reluctantly accepted $10 from Janet, who absolutely insisted I take the cash to get some food before I went home (I was in the process of moving to New York from LA and had absolutely nothing in my apt. — not even a bed to sleep on). I had nothing but my passport.

I couldn’t believe how kind these two were, and it needs not to go unnoticed. If there was some way JetBlue could acknowledge their kindness, I would be truly grateful. You now have a loyal client, and I travel back and forth between LA and JFK at least twice a month — not bad biz.

I’ve relayed this story to so many people already, my family, friends, etc. It’s good free press for JetBlue — no one can believe what a great story it is.