Crewmember Review: CIBO Express: ­Asian Signature Dishes


Thanks to Crewmembers John, Seamus, Boris and Anditi who took the time to try CIBO Express ­and some of their Asian Signature Dishes.

Review from IT Business Partner Aditi: “The first thing that comes to mind is the presentation. A pyramid of rice paired with the entrée, beautified with a simple purple orchid; the presentation was classy, eye catching and pristine. Serving the food in pure white plates and cooked fresh in an open kitchen takes “eating at the airport” experience to a new level. This is not something you expect at a quick stop type airport eatery.

The food was perfectly portioned and served fresh and hot. Entrée tasted every bit the combination of its ingredients; high quality produce and no funny additions! When they said “Vegetable Stir Fry” they meant it as the entrée contained a blend of about 7 vegetables, which is a fry cry from the usual Asian takeouts.

Overall the presentation was very appetizing and food was thoroughly enjoyable and satisfactory.”