Compliments come in all shapes and sizes, not unlike shoes


Image courtesy of congaman on Flickr

When Customer Sarah was flying between Chicago and Fort Myers, she lost one of her shoes. She was so grateful (and amused) by the humor and care that RSW Airport Operations Crewmember Robert provided in speaking with her and ensuring that she got her valued footwear back that she wrote a letter of appreciation.

Read Sarah’s letter below and kudos to Robert for going the extra mile to make a Customer happy!

This past spring I flew to Florida for a few weeks to work at Spring Training.   On my return flight I was checking in and had worn flip flops to the airport and was carrying a pair of Cole Haan loafers.    Normally, I would not name the brand but I do so for a reason.    While checking in I realized I was missing one of the loafers.   The folks at the check in counter helped me look around the terminal in Ft. Myers and it was not found.   I was assured that if the shoe was found they would bring it to my gate.   It had been a long day of closing up my condo, working at the ballpark, and returning my rental car so I thought the loafer was lost.  I did not give my name or number and decided to give up on the shoe.

The next day I got a call from Robert.   While driving out of work that night he saw my shoe in the car rental return road and put it in his car and let me know he would be happy to mail it.    I said hang on to it right there I have to fly back down for a meeting in a few weeks.  He assured me it would be in good hands.

You should also note that the emails we were exchanging were hilarious.   He kept calling my shoe “Mr. Haan” reminding me of the movie Fast Times and telling me about how Mr. Haan missed his other half.   Needless to say, I never flew to Florida again, he mailed the shoe up and they are currently on my feet.

I know this has taken some time to write but I let you know you have a great employee in Robert in Fort Myers.

Thank you,