Chief People Officer is a real people person


In an article published on The Consumerist yesterday entitled “Mysterious JetBlue Creature Offers Free Tix To Passengers,” Chief People Person Dave Clark was commended for his extraordinary customer service efforts during our cutover to Sabre this past weekend. Dave, along with other Crewmembers, handed out water and donuts to Customers waiting in line at the check-in counter, and he ran a couple of rounds of trivia to give away free tickets to any of our 60 BlueCities.

Funny enough, the same guy who tweeted last week about JetBlue going above and beyond the call of duty to try to get his missing sunglasses back to him, Dave Friedman, was an audible and grateful voice on the same flight on which Dave was  giving away free tickets and helping to keep Customers entertained and informed.

“Our Crewmembers are the real heros,” said Dave Clark. “I played a supporting role to help them do their jobs in the cutover.”

It’s amazing how cooperative people are when you tell them what we are doing and what’s going on, he added.