Changes To Our Eat Up! Boxed Meals


Nutella lovers rejoice — we’re rolling out new and improved meal boxes! The new meal boxes feature a refreshed selection of products, including ginger snaps, parmesan peppercorn cheese, and yes, Nutella spread.

The changes include the addition of the new Mix It Up meal box. Our Eat Up selections will now include:

  • Beef Up – protein
  • Shape Up – Kosher, gluten-free, vegetarian
  • Mix It Up – kid friendly (but good for everyone!)
  • Cheer up – wine pairing

All four selections will remain $5.99. The boxes themselves are being upgraded, as well. The new boxes are greener, using 30% less cardboard. For those looking for even more entertainment than what we already provide (36 channels of DirecTV on your own seatback screen), each box features a fun word search on the inside cover.

Learn more about the history of our Eat Up! program.