A Message About Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act Payroll Support


Cares Act & JetBlue

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April 24, 2020

At JetBlue, we are proud to serve our customers with low fares and our signature JetBlue experience. While we have no plans on stopping now, like so many others, the coronavirus has impacted our company and our industry like we have never seen before. With virtually no money coming in the door for ticket sales, we (along with other airlines) needed help to make sure we can keep all of our crewmembers employed during this crisis so that our airline is here to serve you when we are all ready to fly again and get the economy going.

We are so grateful to the leaders in Washington for acknowledging the importance of the airline industry to our country and offering support as part of the CARES Act. We do not take this gesture or the responsibility of accepting this support lightly, and in an effort to be as transparent as possible, we wanted to provide you some detail on what this means for us, and for you.

Every dollar of JetBlue’s CARES Act payroll support allocation must go directly towards salary, wages and benefits for our 23,000 crewmembers. We are glad that this support will allow us to continue providing a level of pay to our crewmembers. JetBlue will receive a total CARES Act allocation of $935.8 million, $685.1 million of that is direct support, and $250.7 million will be in loans, which we will start to pay back beginning in October.

None of these payroll support funds will go towards paying our executives, buying back stock or paying dividends to investors. All of our senior leaders, officers and board of directors have already taken pay cuts to assist our company’s financial health. The payroll support funds also cannot be used to pay other bills like fuel costs, rent, customer refunds, and other expenses we have in our business.

With this help from the government, we’re ready to do our part to serve the country. JetBlue will continue to provide an agreed upon level of domestic air service throughout this crisis. We are incredibly grateful to our dedicated crewmembers on the front lines who are making it possible for us to provide this essential service. That includes the transportation of key medical personnel and equipment where they are needed most.  You can learn more about our efforts here.

The government support will allow JetBlue to continue providing that essential service that is so needed now and long into the future, and we look forward to seeing all of you on board soon.

Learn what we are doing to keep you and our crewmembers safe by clicking here.