Captain DeSalvo delivers care and supplies to Haiti


“The Caring Value is something I’ve taken to heart at JetBlue,” said A320 Captain Mark DeSalvo, who saw an opportunity to put the value into action after the earthquake in Haiti.

Scheduled to fly several Santo Domingo turns shortly after the earthquake, Mark reached out to a charity on the ground in Haiti to see what they needed. As it turned out, garbage bags and Gatorade were in high demand. Mark coordinated with the Airports Crewmembers in Santo Domingo and began bringing supplies in on each turn. The Crewmembers at Santo Domingo set aside the supplies for the charity doctors to pick up on a regular interval.

Although he doesn’t currently have any more Santo Domingo flights on his schedule, Mark is continuing to help however he can. Most recently, he coordinated with the Cargo team to deliver a skin graft machine and additional medical supplies on Tuesday.

You can read more about Mark’s efforts here: Poulsbo Pilot Does His Part to Help in Haiti.

Crewmembers can also visit our Haitian Relief Team page to stay on top of relevant news and to donate.