"Building Blocks" tailfin revealed in Long Beach


We’re pleased to announce the long-awaited debut of our Crewmember-designed tailfin, Building Blocks!

Our newest tailfin design, designed by LGB AO Crewmember Troy Bokosky, and called “Building Blocks,” is fresh from its “coming to life” at our paint shop in Roswell, New Mexico!

As you might recall, Troy’s design was chosen by public vote back in January of last year. After more than 30,000 public votes, Troy’s tailfin design was chosen from among the top five finalists in the airline’s Crewmember Tailfin Design Contest as part of our 10th anniversary celebrations in 2010.

The Airbus A320, named ‘Blue Kid in Town,’ was unveiled to Crewmembers, Customers and guests at Long Beach Airport. Troy and his father Doug Bokosky, also a JetBlue airport and Ground Operations Crewmember in Long Beach, met the aircraft in Roswell, New Mexico at Dean Baldwin Painting, LP, our paint services provider, to fly the plane home for the celebration and were greeted with a red carpet arrival.

From Troy: “I was hired as Long Beach AO in April 2009. Before I was hired with JetBlue, I coached high school baseball and taught middle school PE for seven years. I attended Cal State University Long Beach and pursued a teaching credential in Art and Graphic Design. I have enjoyed my job with JetBlue, and I see myself being with the company for a long time. I am grateful that one of my tailfin designs was picked as a finalist, and the fact that it was chosen out of 300+ entries is rewarding itself. Thank you LGB and LAX Crew, family and friends for the continuous support of Building Blocks!”

“I wanted to design something that worked with our existing tailfins and would look good as a tie with my uniform.”

Troy’s a creative guy: he was half of the duo behind the now-famous Long Beach “Safety is Mandatory” video!

Keep an eye to the skies for the newest design coming to a BlueCity near you!