Buckle Up For Safety!


You may have heard about an incident involving customers traveling with us from Turks & Caicos to Boston recently who were asked to deplane and catch the next flight home because they were not in compliance with our crewmembers’ instructions to fasten their seat belt while on an active taxiway.  While we won’t discuss further details of the incident out of respect for the privacy of our customers, we do want to clarify the importance of buckling your seat belt any time the plane is in motion.

The truth is that Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) mandates that “each passenger required by to occupy a seat or berth shall fasten his or her safety belt about him or her and keep it fastened while the ‘Fasten Seat Belt’ sign is lighted’.” The FAA also outlines that “the ‘Fasten Seat Belt’ sign shall be turned on during any movement on the surface, for each takeoff, for each landing, and at any other time considered necessary by the pilot in command.”

Even if we weren’t mandated by the FAA, though, we agree that when a plane is in motion, like any motor vehicle, seat belts should be buckled, and our inflight crewmembers need to be confident that everyone on board can comply with this safety regulation.  This is for the safety of those involved, as well as the customers and crewmembers around you.

We understand that every cross section of humankind will hop on a plane to get where they need to go, and we appreciate that they choose us! Our inflight crewmembers are well-trained to accommodate the diversity that we see. It’s when safety comes into question that we have to act quickly and boldly, in order to ensure the safest possible experience for all of our customers.