Bringing the humanity back to air travel


In a recent post from Andy Sernovitz’s, “Damn! I Wish I’d Thought of That!” blog, which highlights, “unusually useful ideas for smart marketers,” we are handpicked as a featured example of a company that is doing things right. “In one of the most troubled industries digging its way out of a global recession,” remarks Andy, “JetBlue remains one of the most loved and most profitable airlines.” Thanks Andy!

“The best marketers know it’s the details that add up to make a brand,” he goes on to say, “and JetBlue is one of the best at it. Where competitors are sometimes found gouging customers on various fees, JetBlue is known for being generous in lots of little ways.”


“Do the little things,” Andy offers as a suggested MO for a company with an eye towards success. We take that seriously here, with our full cans of soda, extra legroom, and, perhaps most importantly, the selective hiring that we do to ensure Crewmembers that can see the bigger picture and offer superior Customer support.

A comment posted in response to the article by reader, Matt Roche, encapsulates the whole point that Andy is trying to make, and that we try to drive home.

“I took a flight on Jet Blue about 5 years ago and I had a terrible seat (last row). I went to the desk and asked if they had anything. The woman at the counter said no, but a guy next to me offered me his seat. I “graciously” accepted, and read the ticket – David Neeleman.

He never sat down the entire flight, and talked with anyone, about anything.

‘Do the little things’ is really a big thing,” Matt remarks.

To pat ourselves on the back some more, a recent Jaunted post, “In 1959, Passengers Were Treated as ‘Intelligent, Interested, Friendly People,'” points out that airlines initially had the right idea regarding considerations for Customers, but that it has since shifted tremendously. “Sit down, shut up, and buckle your seatbelt—this is the motto of modern air travel it seems, and now it’s so hard to believe that flying used to be a pleasure, a privilege.” On the eve of our 10th Anniversary, it’s an especially poignant time to recall that our whole raison d’être is that the founders felt Customers should be treated favorably and respectfully.


“Do you how desperately this country needs a Passengers’ Bill of Rights?” says Jaunted, “Thus far, only Jetblue has been brave enough to pony up a version of it, which allows for passengers to be treated like humans even when things don’t go so well.”

No one is perfect and we’ll never claim to be, but there’s something special that you feel- a je ne sais quoi, if you will- when you jet or work with us. Whether it’s a friendly, easy-going vibe you might catch walking around the new T5 at JFK, or the genuine smile and helping hand of a Crewmember, we make it our mission to create the best possible environment for our Crewmembers and Customers. And that’s so not 1959!