Brian's story


Brian Commaroto-Roverini is a world-class guy. That is, FSC Senior Analyst, Financial Planning and Analysis, Brian, loves to travel and that’s one of the reasons why he’s enjoyed working here over the past several years and is also why he will be leaving us shortly to join the State Department as a Junior Service Officer.

Crewmember Brian started in September 2007 as an Analyst in Revenue Management and worked his way up and over to Finance as a Senior Analyst of Financial Planning and Analysis. He is proud to have been on the TrueBlue 2.0 re-launch team from its inception and to have seen the whole project through. He was also able to work on the EML as well as the buy-on-board planning. He especially has enjoyed his time working on the broader approach in the financial planning sector.

Brian (far right) at a Yankees game this past fall with a business partner (far left) and member of the Corp Finance team
Brian (far right) at a Yankees game this past fall with a business partner (far left) and members of the Corp Finance team

After studying during college and then graduate school in Milan, Brian met his future wife in Italy and has always had an eye on traveling to new and different places. He endured numerous, rigorous testing before he was able to qualify for a position with the State Department and will undergo many more weeks (up to 42!) of training, first in Washington D.C., and then on-site, wherever he is deployed to on the globe, where he will receive language and cultural training. His first picks for relocation are Eastern Europe, East Asia, and South America, respectively. He has no choice, though, but to go where he is sent. His job will include much of the work that he did for us, only this time he will be visiting consulates and embassies, working with local people to oversee trade and budget case analysis.

Brian’s fondest memories here include Fun Day at Chelsea piers and the Darien Olympics, which he took part in. He appreciates the mobility at JetBlue and the ability to move between departments, which he says, “really allows for professional development.” He acknowledged that the skills he acquired working here will surely aid in the next steps on his career path.

“At JetBlue I have had the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally,” offers Brian. “It is an experience that I will never forget.”

Brian’s last day is March 19. We thank Brian for his service and wish him the best of luck on the next leg of his journey!