Bogotá Crewmembers Walk For Breast Cancer Awareness


The JetBlue team from Bogotá, Colombia (BOG) was 18 strong and got off to an early start on the Women’s Race for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They were excited to see many local celebrities and top models, as well as a red carpet and TV interviews taking place. But all that glitz and glam didn’t cause the ladies to lose focus on the real task at hand – running an eight-kilometer race! They warmed up together and experienced a huge adrenalin rush when the clock started and all 15,000 people darted from the starting line.

Our first BOG Crewmember crossed the finish line at just 51 minutes! Everyone was exhausted but incredibly happy to have dedicated their time for such an inspiring cause. Great job, Bogotá ladies!

The Bogotá event is just one of the many efforts we have going on around our network for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.