Blue Skies, Delayed Flights


In the airline world, we call today a “severe clear” day. The skies are blue, the sun is sharp, the winds are calm, and yet we’re still looking at delays and possible cancellations due to the FAA furloughs.

If you’re flying with us today, be sure to check your flight status before heading to the airport, and follow @AirlinesDotOrg for the latest information on what regions are most impacted by the delays caused by the sequestration.

We’re working to minimize the operational impact, and working the political angle as well with our partners at Airlines for America and with the government directly to try to mitigate these frustrating budget cuts that are causing us to delay and cancel flights.

If you’re as frustrated as we are, please help by:

  • Reaching out to the White House, the Department of Transportation, the FAA and Congress at:
    • Feel free to use this text:
    • I oppose FAA-imposed flight delays because it’s an unnecessary and reckless action that will disrupt the air travel for millions of Americans, cost jobs and badly damage our already fragile economy.
  • Share this post on your favorite social network and ask your friends and family to communicate with their elected officials as well.

Check out which airports are experiencing delays at the Air Traffic Control System Command Center