Blue Bravest


To many New York City is a destination, to us it’s home! As New York’s hometown airline we get to appreciate this amazing city for what it truly is. From the food to the cultures and even the varying architecture, the diversity of our city is our hallmark. The opinions of New York City residents are just as diverse; just try to ask four random New Yorkers where to find the best slice of pizza, you’ll end up with six different answers!

One thing we all agree on though is our pride for New York’s Bravest and New York’s Best, the amazing men and women who make up the first-responders of the FDNY.

We were honored to experience one of our favorite home town memories recently. At 7:24 AM on October 23, our newest livery inspired by the FDNY, and our support of the FDNY Foundation flew along the Hudson. Blue Bravest was introduced to the city with this first flight, and then introduced to those we honor at an event at our JFK hangar later that day.

Like all communities, there have been times when we have come together as one. The dedication and hard work that New York City’s Fire Fighters have put into the community, has truly kept us together in some of the most difficult of times. We are honored to give something back to an organization that means so much. Many of our crewmembers are retired FDNY members and to see how much this meant to them, made the project worth so much more.

But the story didn’t end with that fly-by. Blue Bravest was put into service the very next day, and that’s when we saw you take notice. We’re truly touched by the reception the plane received, and have been honored time and time again as first-responders at airports and communities across our network have come out to acknowledge Blue Bravest, and the their own support for the FDNY and FDNY Foundation.

We hope all our customers get a chance to see Blue Bravest in person and take a moment to think about the city and people we respect so much. If you see it swinging through your city, be sure to grab a photo and tag it, #BlueBravest.