Behold: The Greatest Day Trip Ever Sold


Final entry from our guest blogger Dianna, on the scene in Altoona for the premiere of  Morgan Spurlock’s “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.”

The stars made their way down the red carpet into the one-of-a-kind, Jaffa Masonic Temple and our Blue Crew was right there behind them! Mr. Sheetz’ red rhinestone studded suit was hilarious, but one celebrity naturally bedazzled the crowd. Of course, I am talking about Spice, the six-week-old Shetland pony from the Mane ‘n Tail hair product company. If you think our pictures are adorable, you’ll melt when I tell you she’s still being bottle fed!

As pointed out during the screening, the film itself portrays a mindful message through a playful medium. Morgan Spurlock broaches the subjects of buying in, selling out and even allowing advertising within our public schools. I became seriously concerned. Will there be any popcorn left at the concession stand by the time I get there? And how long will it be before big sponsors start influencing the curriculum? What will become of the next generation when the maps they study only show our BlueCities and no place else? I just as quickly laughed it off. I found it hard to stop laughing too, especially during our spot with the toy plane (you’ll have to go see the movie to find out what I’m talking about)! As for the rest of the movie, what can I say? I’m sold!

The after-party was plentiful, and included more cookies than I’ve ever seen in one place, arranged akin to a pile of leaves. I had to repress the urge to jump in and roll around in them!

It was a long day when our Canard Bleu plane arrived to bring us back to JFK’s T5! I had a great time mingling with the greatest charter ever hired, and am utterly exhausted. Thank you JetBlue for the greatest day trip ever, for the people that I work with and most importantly, thank you for always getting us home safely!

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