Bearing Our Big, Blue Heart This Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Sure, turkey, fireworks and Santa Claus are great, but what better holiday than one that celebrates love?

We jumped at the chance to help others connect with their loves this Valentine’s Day, partnering with Vermont Teddy Bear to fly some beary worthy travelers with their Valentines.

The lucky contest winners traveled on JetBlue’s love birds to surprise their Valentines in Seattle, Raleigh/Durham, Denver, and Washington D.C. each with one large and cuddly wingman in tow: a four-and one half-foot-tall Big Hunka Love Bear from Vermont Teddy Bear!

Brandy, the last of our contest winners to take to the skies, flew with her two daughters from Boston to meet her boyfriend in Denver (whom the girls had never met). See below for her story and some images from both the Boston departure and the reunion in Denver.

Brandy's daughters, who had never met their mom's Valentine, meet their furry travel companion

Brandy is in a long-distance relationship with her avid-skiing, fly-fishing boyfriend. Brandy, who lives in Vermont, travels back and forth to Breckenridge, Colorado to visit her main squeeze. Her two daughters have never met him but have referred to him as “Cupid,” ever since he left coins for them as a gift on a recent visit. Brandy looks forward to uniting her three loves with a big Hunka Love Bear on the mountaintop in Colorado.

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